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Mosógép hibakód

  • bLoC PunP: water not draining
  • no tAPS: appliance not filling with water
  • ErLC: door lock has failed
  • ErUL: door lock failure
  • EUAr: communication failure between display and power boards
  • Unb: unbalanced washed load
  • PF: voltage is too low
  • CLrF: excess detergent identified

Err 1: Haier washing machine error 1 indicates that the door isn’t closed. This could be due to defective door wiring, the door latch, or a power issue.


Err 2: When your washing machine is unable to drain, Err 2 code will display. The pump filter may be blocked, or the drain hose may be kinked or damaged.


Err 3: A water temperature sensor Err 3 has been detected and connections will need to be checked to the sensor for continuity.


Err 4: A fault has been detected with the heating element – this could be caused by faulty wiring, a malfunctioning thermistor, or the heating element itself.


Err 5: When the water level isn’t reached Err 5 code will show. Reasons include kinked hoses, a problem with the water supply, leaks causing the water level to drop, or wiring to the inlet valve.


Err 6: There’s a problem with the speed of the main drive motor when Err 6 code displays. Faulty wiring, a defective motor connection block, or the motor tacho unit could be failing.


Err 7: Haier washing machine error 7 indicates an issue with the motor resulting in overheating. In this case, the motor may need replacing.


Err 8: When the water level exceeds the maximum the safety level in the pressure sensor switch will be activated stopping the overfill. A faulty pressure sensor will cause this to happen consistently, as will an obstructed hose.


Err 13: A build-up of lint is typically the culprit here, but an insecure cold water supply connection will also cause this code to display.

Mosogatógép hibakód

E1: First and second lights flashing

This indicates an error with the door with something preventing it from closing securely. This could be related to a faulty door switch or door latch.

E2: First and third lights flashing

Your dishwasher has detected that the water temperature sensor has failed which results in the temperature of the water inlet becoming out of range.

E3: First and third lights flashing

There is insufficient water detected in your appliance causing your dishwasher not to start the wash cycle. This may require the drain hose to be adjusted preventing draining during operation.

E4: First, third, and fourth lights flashing

Haier dishwasher E4 error code is triggered by a failure to drain and can be caused by a defective drain pump or filter, or an obstructed drain hose.

E5: First, second, and third lights flashing

This points to an issue with your dishwasher filling. It could be related to low water pressure, a problem with the water supply hose, or a blocked water inlet filter. The water inlet solenoid could also be defective.

E6: All four lights flashing

Haier dishwasher E6 error code indicates that the flood protection device has been activated and the water supply will need to be turned off, stopping any more water from flowing into the dishwasher and leaking out.

E7: First, second, and fourth lights flashing

This is a problem with internal communication between the control boards and your dishwasher will need to be turned off and a repair expert called in.

E8: Second and third lights flashing

A water level sensor fault will cause these error responses and will need the help of an experienced engineer to repair or replace the part.

E9: second light flashing

This is a half load diverter fault that isn’t available on all models.

  • EA: Your dishwasher has overfilled
  • EB: The water in your dishwasher filed to reach the correct temperature
  • EC: The water heater is on but there’s no water in your dishwasher
  • ED: The water heater is on but it should be off

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